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Our Mission

Our mission is to inform and educate our community about all gynaecological cancers with the aim of increasing the survival rates of New Zealand women. 


A Morning Teal is a great way to have your cake and help BEAT
gynaecological cancers. By taking part in this campaign you will
be supporting New Zealand Gynaecological Cancer Foundation’s
mission to increase awareness of the signs and symptoms of
gynae cancers – ovarian, cervical, uterine, vulval and vaginal.

Email morningteal@nzgcf.org.nz to register your Morning Teal.

Click here to download 'A Guide to Hosting your Morning Teal Party".

Click here to purchase your supporters pack for just $5.

Get Going for Gynae - Auckland Marathon 2014

Run or walk with us in this year’s Auckland Marathon on 2 November!

Join our fabulous 'Get going for Gynae' team for one of the biggest sports events of the year - the Auckland Marathon!  As a Golden Charity Partner, we have a limited number of Golden Charity tickets to give away to runners or walkers who want to make a different and who can commit to a minimum fundraising target for this important cause.  Funds raised will be invested in our National Gynae Health Education Programme - raising awareness of ovarian, cervical, uterine, vulval and vaginal cancers, with women and health professionals around New Zealand.  Click here to go to our Auckland Marathon site.

Let's Get Going for Gynae!

Politicians urged to ‘front up’ on cancer

CANGO, an alliance of eight major cancer NGOs, including New Zealand Gynaecological Cancer Foundation, launched a manifesto last night calling for political parties to commit to tackling cancer; New Zealand’s number one killer.

The CANGO cancer manifesto identifies seven key areas in which the next government can make a profound impact on cancer in New Zealand and urges all political parties to front up to this responsibility.

These include:
1. Reducing modifiable risk factors for cancer
2. Achieving equity for all New Zealanders across the cancer care continuum 
3. Prioritising the rollout of the national bowel cancer screening programme
4. Developing, publishing and reporting on a robust cancer workforce plan
5. Improving data to ensure effective management and planning of cancer services
6. Increasing access and investment in clinical trials and research as part of the cancer treatment
7. Addressing the palliative care needs of an aging population

CANGO’s manifesto calls for intensified efforts to reduce New Zealanders’ exposure to known cancer risks. One in three cancer deaths is attributed to risk factors that can be modified such as smoking, alcohol, inactivity and poor diet.

A copy of the CANGO Election Manifesto document: Addressing the New Zealand Cancer Burden - a critical election issue can be downloaded here.


CANGO (Cancer Non-Governmental Organisations) is an alliance of eight prominent New Zealand cancer charities: Beat Bowel Cancer Aotearoa, New Zealand Breast Cancer Foundation, Cancer Society of New Zealand, New Zealand Gynaecological Cancer Foundation, Hospice New Zealand, Leukaemia & Blood Cancer New Zealand, Melanoma Foundation of New Zealand, and Prostate

The alliance came together in 2007 to increase collaboration across cancer charities with the shared goal of reducing the incidence and impact of cancer on New Zealand and New Zealanders.

 Wild Poppies Supports NZGCF

We are fortunate to be able to give away a fabulous bunch of flowers every month, as a result of support from Wild Poppies. 

Please support them for supporting us, purchase from them when you next need flowers - www.wildpoppies.co.nz

We need you to share your story!

Send us your story to become a Featured Woman in our Women's Gallery.  All we need is a short story of your journey (approximately 250-300 words) and a recent photo.  You will also receive a beautiful bunch of flowers from Wild Poppies. 

To read Featured Woman stories, please click here, or to register, click here.







Symptoms of Gynaecological Cancers

Ovarian Cancer

Uterine Cancer

Cervical Cancer

Vulval Cancer

Vaginal Cancer