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Early detection

can save lives

Gynaecological cancers are more common than you think and they are silently killing women across Aotearoa New Zealand every day. With your help, we can educate, inform and save women's lives with awareness and early detection. 



women who are diagnosed with gynaecological cancer die each year in Aotearoa New Zealand.  

Who we are

Every day, the NZGCF is leading research and initiatives, and working locally and internationally to build awareness and share information for women's health.

Meet the team behind the mahi and the medical advisory board educating our women on gynaecological cancers. 

Over 1,000 women

in Aotearoa New Zealand will be diagnosed with a gynae cancer this year.


It's time to talk to your mothers, sisters, daughters and friends - before it's too late.


How you can help

We're a national women's health charity, and the work we do is funded by donors committed to our vision: To educate, inform and support women with Gynaecological Cancer. 

Donate for her

Your support can help save lives

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