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CANGO calls for increased funding for cancer drugs

Cancer Charities Organisation, CANGO (the alliance of New Zealand Cancer NGO’s) calls for increased funding for cancer drugs. Pharmac, New Zealand’s drug funding agency, is currently being reviewed and CANGO is providing feedback to the review panel. Here’s the gist:

1. Chemotherapy drugs required to improve survival and reduce the risk of the recurrence of cancer must be accessible by ALL. There is a growing inequitable chasm between those who can and cannot afford unfunded drugs.

2. Comparable countries around the world are funding newer, better drugs long before we do. Let's keep up with them and get the drugs we need for our whānau sooner.

3. Pharmac’s confusing, opaque processes are difficult to navigate. Reduce the complexity, so that patients and health providers trying to navigate Pharmac understand their options.

Let’s keep talking about this! And let’s continue to work together toward more equitable outcomes for all. Read the full letter below. #CANGO #NZGCF

Open Letter Pharmac Updated (1)
Download PDF • 128KB

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